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What makes JSACF different from other CrossFit boxes (gyms)?

Jersey Strength & Athletics CrossFit is a TEACHING box and has been since 2006. Our main focus is that all of our athletes, every single time they attend class learn how to move safer, more efficiently and with greater skill whether it is their first or 1000th day of training. Our JSACF Trained Instructors complete a 55+ hour Internship that includes 3 written/verbal tests before they wear our coach’s shirt. Our instructors are taught how to design skill specific warm ups, teach points of performance regarding the exercises being performed that day, and monitor the athletes during the ENTIRE workout. NEVER will you see one of our instructors who are supposed to be leading the class working out with the group. NEVER will you be told to just complete what is on the board. NEVER will you see our coaches more focused on their phone than their athletes. That is what makes JSACF different from all the other CrossFit boxes out there. EXCELLENCE is our first, middle AND last name.

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